viktor & rolf perfume flowerbomb bonbon review fragrance designer
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Viktor & Rolf ‘Flowerbomb’ vs. ‘Bonbon’

viktor & rolf perfume flowerbomb bonbon review fragrance designer

Viktor & Rolf took the fragrance world by storm with the release of Flowerbomb. The sweet, floral scent quickly captured the hearts of many and has maintained it’s rank as a best seller for years. Then Bonbon came along, and while not as popular as its older sister, this scent is just as deliciously sweet scent as it looks.

viktor & roolf bonbon flowerbomb perfume fragrance review beauty designerFlowerbomb

While the name implies an explosion of flowers that’ll take your breath away, I find that it is more of a dreamy, sexy scent with a lingering warmth and sweetness from the patchouli notes. The top notes include Tea, Osmanthus, and Bergamot, while the middle notes incorporate Jasmine, African Orange Flower, Orchid, Freesia, Rose, all blending into the final base notes of Patchouli and Vanilla.

The lasting power is amazing and the scent is usually still there on my clothes long into the next day. There have been so many limited edition releases and versions of Flowerbomb since it was originally introduced. It’s completely understandable why it is so beloved because this warm, spicy scent is so alluring and unique. Such a dream!


viktor & rolf bonbon flowerbomb perfume review designer fragranceBonbon

While quite different from Flowerbomb, Bonbon still carries those sweet notes but in a different way that gives it its own character. This perfume is younger, more girly, and has a creamy, decadent dessert-like quality. It opens with a juicy, sticky sweetness that dies down into a warm, woody tone. Viktor & Rolf lists the top notes as Mandarin, Orange, Peach, while the middle notes are Jasmine, Caramel, Orange blossom, and contains base notes of Amber, Gaiac wood, Sandalwood, and Cedar. I find Bonbon to be reminiscent of Prada Candy, so if you’re someone who likes similar perfumes, I think you’ll enjoy this one quite a bit. It’s safe to say this is one of my favorite fragrances to use in the winter. Bonbon is quite a potent scent, but I love the sweet warmth of the caramel note in contrast to the winter cold.

Viktor & Rolf also spare nothing when it comes to the gorgeous designs of their perfume bottles. Flowerbomb’s appropriately named bottle is so memorable and has become quite iconic, and Bonbon’s unique bottle makes for such a darling display.

Both these fragrances are gorgeous from the details on the bottles all the way through to the base notes. Both scents have depth and layers that make them special and their own, something this fashion house has mastered perfectly in all their fragrances.


Have you guys tried either of these and which is your favorite?


xx.  Aurela




11 thoughts on “Viktor & Rolf ‘Flowerbomb’ vs. ‘Bonbon’”

  1. I have both and I love them so much I want to get the holiday limited editions BUT, ive just smelled them and I find they smell the same…… im not sure if ill order both. ALTHOUGH they are my favourite right after Mademoiselle Coco.


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