Back to School College Essentials


I know how stressful it can be to pack your life up and move it somewhere else ….every single year.  Having graduated from college recently, I remember stressing every summer to find nice decor and remember every single little thing I need.  To make it a little easier for some of you, I rounded up some of my favorites for both on the go and for your dorm. These could also work for anyone whether your in high school, college, grad school, work, or even if you’r someone looking to update your room decor! Hope you enjoy!

In your bag…

back to school college essentials 2017 dorm decor

1.  |  2.  |  3.  |  4.  |  5.  |  6.


For your dorm…

college essentials dorm back to school university

1.  |  2.  |  3.  |  4. |  5.  |  6.



Have you guys picked up anything you’re excited about recently? Are any of you getting ready to head back to school?




xx,   Aurela



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