My Favorite Youtubers

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Alexandrea Garza (& her vlog channel ‘Alex and Michael’).  I first started watching Alex when she was doing her Wedding Belles series on Youtube and I became obsessed with her style, hair, makeup, and her personality. I absolutely trust her when it comes to advice on fashion and makeup, and am so in love with her home decor (major inspo!). Her and her husband also have such a fun vlog channel and I always love seeing her little pup Bubbles!

Aspyn and Parker.  Watching vlogs is one of my secret guilty pleasures. I don’t know why watching someone go about their day is so fascinating, but it’s SO enjoyable. One of my favorites is Aspyn and Parker. Aspyn is so personable and seems so authentic in her videos which is why I love seeing them have fun doing little things like going to Target. Also, they have the most amazing travel diaries and travel vlogs. I love when they go on trips (which they do a lot of) because it usually means more breathtaking travel footage for us viewers.

Lydia Elise Millen.  I stumbled upon Lydia on Instagram initially, and let me just say I was instantly hooked! She is one of the classiest women and her style is amazing. This lovely British darling and her husband are the cutest couple, and are currently planning a wedding (her recent wedding dress videos are so lovely!). Her outfit looks are major inspo and I always lust over new pieces she gets.

Kristin Lauria.  I simply can’t get enough of Kristin’s personality. Her sweet, soft-spoken vibe and her darling personality sets her apart from all the other personalities on Youtube. I love how genuine she is and how she always makes it seem like she’s speaking to her viewers as best friends instead of just an audience. She recently got married and I love following her life as she grows her family (they have the cutest new pup!) and movies into a new home in LA.

Stephanie Ledda (Smlx0).  I seriously love this girl. She’s a fellow New Yorker and is so funny and laid back and absolutely gorgeous! Her clothing hauls are my favorite because I absolutely LOVE her style. The BEST parts though are her bloopers at the end of the video which always having me cracking up.

Annie Jaffrey.  Annie seems like such a sweetheart and I love how elegant she is. I get so excited when she posts clothing hauls because I love her feminine but chic style.  Her serene personality and positivity are such a refreshing bonus to her lovely taste. Such a beauty inside and out!

What are your favorite Youtubers and what are your favorite types of videos to watch?


xx,  Aurela



22 thoughts on “My Favorite Youtubers

  1. I haven’t watched any of these before so I need to check them out next time I watch youtube videos! I love watching vlogs and Zoe Sugg is my favorite youtuber she is so kind and sweet, have you watched her videos?

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      1. thank you girl!! 🙂 your page format is the same under each tab. but for me, it changes the format. I want a page called “blog” with all my blogs underneath. you have different categories for your blog but all my blogs are just right when you click on my blog ya know?!


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