The Best of Drugstore Highlighters

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Like so many makeup lovers out there, I am in love with highlighters. From a subtle glow to a blinding shine, I can’t get enough of them. While many higher-end companies like Becca and Hourglass completely slay the game with their gorgeous highlights, drugstore highlighters are pretty impressive when it comes to getting you that glow you’re going for this summer. I wanted to let you guys know some gems I’ve found and others that I’ve heard so much about and want to try out.

Elf Baked Highlighter “Moonlight Pearls”: I’ve talked about this on my blog for so long and I still love this stuff!  It’s super affordable and the color looks good when I’m pale in the winter or when I’m a little tanner in the summer.

Wet n’ Wild MegaGlo Highlighter “Precious Petals”: Everyone went wild over this product when it first released and it took me so long until I was able to finally get my hands on it. It gives such a pretty glow to your skin without being too much. The formula also feels so nice and if I had to pick a favorite, this would definitely be it.

Essence Pure Nude Highlighter:  I like Essence as a brand because they have really great products at such an affordable price. I was hooked on this highlighter when I first got it and eventually got my sister obsessed with it too. It gives more of a natural, glow-from-within look with I’ve been favoring recently.

Makeup Revolution Shimmer Brick in ‘Radiant’: This product reminds me so much of the Bobbi Brown shimmer brick. To be honest, I like using this on my eyes as an inner corner highlight even more than on my face. The shimmer specks aren’t as finely milled as some of the other products I mentioned but it’s still a standout from other drugstore highlighters.

L.A. Girl Strobe Lite Strobing Powder:  If you’re looking for a really pigmented highlighter for a bright, standout glow then this product is so amazing! The formula is really soft and a little goes such a long way. I’d say this is super comparable to other higher end products and definitely recommend if a bright highlight is your go-to look.


What are your favorite drugstore and affordable highlighters? I’d love to hear in the comments!

xx.  Aurela




26 thoughts on “The Best of Drugstore Highlighters

  1. I wish Precious Petals was available but I cannot find it to order online, it is out of stock a long time now. It is such a gorgeous highlighter! x


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  2. Makeup Revolution’s Strobe Highlighter is also pretty pigmented! I want to try your trick and apply it in the corners of my eyes 🙂
    Great post! xoxo

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  3. I love the Makeup Revolution and the Wet n Wild precious petals highlighters 🙂 Another drugstore highlighter I use is actually and eyeshadow called the Glow-Down, Tati (a beauty guru on Youtube) suggested it and I love it so much!!

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