Flight Skin Care

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While I love going on trips, my skin is not too keen on the flying part. I have pretty dry skin regularly and when I change location, my skin develops tiny bumpy texture which is so annoying, especially when I’m trying to enjoy a vacation without having to worry about my skin. This time I was determined to find products that would keep my skin moisturized, clear, and glowing, and I’m so excited to say that they actually worked and my skin felt amazing after a long 8 hour flight.

Arriving at the airport, I didn’t put any makeup on because I felt it would be a hassle to take it off during the flight. However, I still brought Neutrogena makeup wipes to cleanse my face before putting on the other products so that they would really seep into my skin and work their magic.

Throughout the flight, I used the Caudalie Beauty Elixir which has quickly become one of my favorite skin care items. It kept my face refreshed and healthy feeling. On top of that, I put the Chanel Blue Serum which I received a few samples for. This stuff is SO AMAZING! It felt almost cooling on the skin and wasn’t heavy or sticky. It also absorbed into my skin so quickly. I’m so sad that I’ve run out and will definitely be saving up to purchase a full size!

Lately, I’ve really loving putting oils on my face and since flights can really suck all the moisture out of your skin, I knew I needed something heavy duty. About halfway through the flight, I put on some of the Ole Henriksen Truth Serum that I purchased in a Sephora mini set. It made my skin feel better than its ever felt. I’ve been trying to savor every last drop but I’m going to have to cave and purchase the larger one.

While all these products are amazing, I think the thing that helped my skin the most was water. I usually don’t drink too much on flights because I hate using the bathroom on them, but this time I promised myself I would drink lots of water. I kept a few large water bottles with me and forced myself to finish them all. I know everyone stresses how important drinking water is on the daily but no one mentions it about flights. It’s definitely a life saver!

Before landing, I quickly used another makeup wipe to cleanse my face from any buildup during the flight and then sprayed some more of the Caudalie Beauty Elixir and was ready to go.


What are your favorite skincare items right now? Do you have a special routine? I’d love to hear some recommendations below!

xx.  Aurela




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