Milan Travel Diary

Milan was a city to remember. The Italian city was full of hustle and bustle with men and women in polished suits heading to their corporate jobs, and fashionistas in Louboutins on their way to fetch the newest handbag. The streets were full of designer shops and boutiques, and plenty of gelato shops!

Because Milan is known for fashion, we had to stop by Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II. The building had stunning architecture and was lined with posh designer shops and restaurants. Nearby was another shopping center with even more stores so we shopped until we almost literally dropped and stopped to eat before moving on to the famous Duomo Cathedral. I had been to Italy before and seen so many other cathedrals but this one was absolutely breathtaking. The outside is even more beautiful in person but the inside left me speechless. It was enormous, intricately designed, and you could feel the history it carried as soon as you stepped in. We climbed all the way to the top (so many steps!) and it was so pretty to see the architecture up close.


You can’t talk about Italy without talking about the food! Our first stop when we arrived to Milan was the Instagram famous Spontini’s. As a New Yorker who loves pizza, I was expecting it to be mostly hype. I was so wrong. The pizza was amazing (and gigantic!) and the service was super quick as they tried to get people in and out of the busy place.

We had to pick up some pastries and opted for cannolis from Ammu, which had three different sizes (the largest was huge!) with topping choices like chocolate chips, orange, and pistachio. Perfectly simple and sweet.

After a long day of shopping we stopped by Mozzarella e Basilico to grab a quick bite to eat. We both ordered individual pizzas which were so much larger than I expected. My favorite part was the crust which was chard perfectly and the whole thing was super tasty.

My favorite meal in Milan was a pasta place called Platina. They had so many different options and I opted for the pesto with tomatoes and shrimp. It was cooked perfectly and was so yummy!

I absolutely loved all the different aspects of Milan which included a beautiful combination of business, fashion, history, food, and Italian charm. It was absolutely lovely! 

xx.  Aurela


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