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What’s in my Travel Makeup Bag

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If packing for travel wasn’t stressful enough, packing up makeup definitely makes the process more daunting. The reason I hate choosing which makeup to bring on a trip is that there’s so much of it and I usually switch between different eye palettes, foundations, concealers, and powders, so picking the ‘perfect’ one is definitely a struggle. On top of that, I find that the packaging on some of my favorite products takes up so much room, which becomes a problem when trying to fit liquids in a small bag for a flight. So I decided to go on a hunt for some new travel-friendly products and show you guys what I’m packing in my travel makeup bag this summer.

Foundation: I knew I wanted something that came in a small squeeze tube instead of glass bottles and pumps, which take up way more space than I like. For me, it was a tough decision between the L’Orรฉal Pro glow foundation and the Maybelline Dream Velvet foundation. While I just recently bought the Dream Velvet, I love it so far, and I feel that it gives me fuller coverage and stays on longer which is perfect for those long, hot days of traveling and sightseeing. I’m also bringing along the Caudalie beauty elixir to freshen up my makeup throughout the day and to keep my skin hydrated during the flight after I take off my makeup.

Concealer: Maybelline Fit me concealer. Small, compact, perfect!

Under eye powder: This was the hardest for me because setting powders come in bulky packaging with a lot of product (which I totally didn’t need for a week and a half long trip). What I did was dump some of my favorite powder (I chose the Ben Nye Banana Powder) into an empty Elf under eye powder compact which is super small. You could also buy a small, empty loose powder container if you don’t have an old one laying around.

Perfume: I chose to stick to roller balls or a few samples to hold me over, picking my old fav Chloe, and packing a few samples of the Jo Malone Nectarine Blossom & Honey.

Contour/blush/highlight: This was also another tough one for me because I love my Benefit Hoola and boxed blushes but those were definitely not a practical option. While I had a lot of palettes that had a blush/bronzer duo, I also needed a highlight so I settled for my Tarte Park Avenue Princess palette which had all three. I don’t think this sell this palette anymore, but they do have another perfect travel option that has the same bronzer, highlight, and includes a blush and eyeshadows called the Tarte Showstopper palette, or Tarteist Contour Palette, or the Tarte Double Duty Beauty.

Tools: I didn’t realize how much space brushes actually take up until I tried fitting them in a bag with everything else. I opted to just bring my beauty blender for my foundation and concealer. That left only eyeshadow brushes which I’m bringing two of (one for my crease, another for the darker outer corner colors, and my fingers for the lighter inner corner shades), and a fluffy face brush for bronzer and blush.

Eye shadow palettes: This was one category I couldn’t pick just one for. I chose to bring the Tartelette Tease palette (Ulta includes it in a travel set that includes a travel sized mascara and liquid lipstick) which is so small and has the perfect summer shades. For a cool toned smokey look, I also brought along this Bobbi Brown eye shadow palette that comes with a gel liner and mascara too!

Eyebrows: Benefit Precisely My Brow is the perfect eye brow product and has a spoolie on one end which is so helpful when you’re trying to pack less.

Lips:ย Travel sized tarteist lip paint that you can find at Sephora in their travel sized sections.

In addition to all my makeup, I’m also bringing along a few skin care products that I’ll do a whole other post on, so look out that for that!

Other products I found that are super travel-friendly:

– This travel set from Sephora is such a good deal for the number of products you get. It has mini favorites like an Hourglass bronzer and Becca highlighter, that are all perfect for travel and for trying out some products as well.

This set includes my favorite Caudalieย beauty elixir spray and has a bunch of different products for skincare and haircare.

– I picked up this priming and setting spray set to try out and see if they help make my makeup last all day. So far I really love the Urban Decay All Nighter spray but I’ll stick with moisturizer and other prepping sprays instead of the Urban Decay Quick Fix spray.


I’d love to hear about your makeup must-haves for traveling, or minis that you’re currently loving!



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  1. Dumping your setting powder into a smaller powder compact is such a good hack! Will definitely keep this in mind when I travel next. Great post ๐Ÿ™‚ x

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