Swimsuits I’m Currently Crushing On

Swimsuits bathing suits bikinis beach summer 2017 vacation travel

Summer is within reach, which means tanned skin, vacations, and the cutest new summer fashion trends. My favorite part about the season is going to the beach and relaxing with close friends and family. When searching for my new favorite swimsuit for this year, I ended up stumbling upon the most gorgeous pieces. Also, while I’ve never been a one-piece kinda girl, I’ve been gushing over the one-pieces I’ve been seeing on Instagram and online, and I definitely think my next purchase will be one of them! I’ve linked some absolute stunners below at a variety of price points, showing that the newest summer trends could definitely be achieved without breaking the bank.

swimsuits summer 2017 fashion fashion blogger bathing suits

1.  |  2.  |  3.  |  4.  |  5.  |  6.  |  7.  |  8.


9 thoughts on “Swimsuits I’m Currently Crushing On

  1. I love the entire top row. I wouldn’t mind having all four of them! Nice post! 🙂 I like one pieces, too! In a neutral color with a mild design and maybe some cut outs or something.

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