March Favorites


While I can’t believe March is already gone, I can’t wait for the spring weather to hopefully make an appearance soon. This month I’ve found a few new favorites and rediscovered some older products that I’ve been using constantly.

Benefit ‘Dew the Hoola’ liquid bronzer: At first I hated this product because I felt that it looked orange on my face, but after rediscovering it, I realized that while I can’t use this when I’m pale, when I have a tan it blends perfectly and gives my face a nice bronzed glow.  I also like that it’s a liquid bronzer so it feels a lot lighter on my skin compared to all the cream contour products on the market.

Maybelline ColorSensational ‘Born with it’ lipstick: Because I’ve been trying out so many liquid lipsticks that keep coming out, I wanted to give my dry lips a break and rediscovered this creamy lipstick. While I don’t think they sell this color anymore, I was able to find it on Amazon. It’s a gorgeous nude-pink that’s perfect to complete a natural or spring makeup look.

L’Oréal Infallible Pro-glow Foundation: I love dewy skin so whenever there’s a foundation that promises to give my dry skin a glow, I jump on it. I love my L’Oréal True Match Lumi foundation and I think the Pro-glow is very similar but with more coverage. It leaves me skin hydrated but still covers up imperfections to give a flawless finish.

Shiseido ‘Perfect Mascara’: This mascara is so good for lengthening the lashes. I’ve been wearing it together with the Maybelline Colassal mascara and am so in love with this combo.

Boohoo bag: I’ve been wearing this cross body bag so often lately and it goes perfectly with any outfit. It reminds me of a YSL bag because of the quilting and tassel detail, but was only $20 on sale on

Why Not Me? by Mindy Kaling: I loved this book! I thought Mindy was so relatable especially while still being unbelievably funny. Overall, it’s a great easy, quick read that I would totally recommend for those twenty-somethings out there like me who are trying to establish a true confidence while going through life’s changes.

Bath & Body Works ‘Cactus Blossom’ candle: This scent fills the room with a perfect combo of floral and sweet. It reminds me so much of springtime and is sooo addicting!


What are you guys currently loving? Leave me a comment below letting me know!


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