Spring Fragrances

Spring summer perfume fragrance Dior Chanel jo Malone sephora haul

Spring has a way of lifting moods and gives a sense of freshness and new beginnings.  My favorite way to fully embrace spring is to pull out my favorite fresh, floral fragrances.

Chanel Chance eau Tendre: This fragrance is one I’ve mentioned before in my Favorite Summer Fragrances. It’s a fruity-floral that’s light and airy, perfect for the spring and summer. On my skin, it lasts all day and the sweetness and grapefruit note are more pronounced.

Jo Malone ‘Mimosa & Cardamom’: This scent got me completely hooked on Jo Malone. Their fragrances are so perfectly simple and beautiful (and many are so unique). The perfume is fresh and sweet, and has a little powdery element which I usually don’t like in perfumes but it think it compliments this mix of freshness and sweetness well.

Miss Dior eau de Toilette: One of my favorite perfumes is the Miss Dior Blooming Bouquet but it just doesn’t last long on my skin so I wanted a new Dior fragrance that I could take with me on my trip to Europe that would last on me the whole day. I set out to buy the Miss Dior eau de parfum but while I was at the Dior counter I spritzed a bit of the eau de toilette and thought it was perfect for my trip. It’s not as sweet but definitely very fresh and floral. It comes off strong at first but mellows down quickly.

I’d love to hear what you’re favorite perfume is at the moment. Let me know in the comments below!



5 thoughts on “Spring Fragrances

  1. If you like fruity Jo Malone fragrances then try the Pear and Fresia one! It’s my absolute fave – smells so fruity and there’s something almost ‘fizzy’ about it – smells like a sparkling cocktail or something!

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