Essie Gel Couture ‘Ballet Nudes’ – 2017 Collection


While planning for an upcoming trip, I started thinking about what I was going to do about my nails. I usually go for a salon gel manicure but I wanted to know what alternatives were out there. I needed something longer lasting than a regular polish since I’ll be away for 11 days, so I finally decided to try out the Essie Gel Couture which recently came out with a new collection called the ‘Ballet Nudes’. Though I’ve always been a sucker for lighter nudes and pinks on my nails, the colors in this collection were all so beautiful and so perfect for this upcoming spring.

essie nail polish 2017 spring collection summer colors travel essentials


For both shades I picked up (Lace Me Up and Perfect Posture), I applied three coats of color plus the top coat in order to reach full opacity and it overall it still wasn’t a super thick layer on my nails. The brush was the flatter, wider kind that I absolutely love because it makes the application so easy. They only thing I didn’t like was that while the twisted bottles look beautiful on display, they make storage a little more difficult.

Essie nail polish spring summer favorites perfect posture gel couture travel essentials
“Perfect Posture” is a gorgeous powder baby blue shade with slight hints of grey undertones. Definitely a  spring staple!

How long do they really last?  I’ve always had very weak nails, and nail polish never lasts long on me (maybe half a week before I start seeing chips). I was really surprised when I found that my nails still looked good after a week of wear. I did start seeing some small chips on the edges, more on my right dominate hand, but it wasn’t nearly as bad as a regular polish. However, I definitely don’t think it’ll last me my whole trip so I’ll need to bring them along to retouch.

Overall, I love the shades, the brush, and the formula. And while I wish they lasted just a tiny bit longer, I can’t complain because they’re definitely my new favorites!

Have you guys tried any of the gel couture polishes? What do you think?



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