How to be Successful in College (and in Life): 10 Ways to keep your life together

1. Sit in the front of the room. Losers sit in the back.

2. Take time to get ready and dress well. You’ll feel better about yourself and people will automatically think more highly of you. It’s worth the one less hour of sleep in the morning.

3.  Make friends with the hard working and successful people in class, study with them, notice their habits. Success is contagious.

4.  Create a pretty workspace. You’ll want to spend more time there if you love the space which will make studying a little less painful.

5.  Talk to your professors. Not only will you do better, but if you get along well, that relationship could be useful in getting a recommendation (and you’ll definitely need those).

6.  Get enough sleep but be wary of naps. Sometimes naps are much needed but if they become an everyday habit you’ll get less done. So remember… you have the same hours in the day as Beyonce.

7.  Workout as much as you can. While you’re watching TV or on your phone, do those squats. You don’t need to always have time set aside for the gym because life gets busy, so just make sure you get moving.

8.  Eat well but indulge in your favorites once in awhile. You deserve it.

9.  Take care of yourself. While going out with friends and keeping busy are important, you are more important. Remember to make time for yourself.

10.  Listen to yourself. If you’re not where you want to be, then change what you’re doing. If you don’t like the friends you’re with, go out and meet new people. If you’ve got a new inspiring idea or interest, pursue it.


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